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‘Follow Me’ from Luke’s Gospel with Mike Raiter

Last week, during a long overdue call with a friend, he mentioned he had just attended a Men’s conference that had great impact on him. The theme of his talks was ‘Follow Me’ including readings from Luke’s Gospel, the speaker was  Mike … Continue reading

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Looking into how God wants me to manage money

Over the last week, God has been convicting me about how I manage money or perhaps better stated how I don’t manage money well.  The verses below look at handing money from three aspects – planning for today and the … Continue reading

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Repentance to Jesus paves the path for rebuilding trust

My goal has been to post something every weekday.   The objective – to form consistent daily Christian study, prayer and action habits.   I missed yesterday and on one hand I am disappointed but I did complete a repentance … Continue reading

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