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Job 31:33-37 Day 31 reading with #ProfessorHorner Bible Reading System

It’s day 31 on my new journey through the bible with Professor Horner’s Bible Reading System and this morning, Job 31 was part of my reading. Verses 33-37 were very helpful and in particular to a conversation I had yesterday with … Continue reading

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The Laborers in the Vineyard – Matthew 20:1-16 Day 20 #ProfessorHorner

Just read a few commentaries on Matthew 20:1-6, a link to one of them is below. Great reminder for me to be content  and not compare what I have been given with others. The Laborers in the Vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16) … Continue reading

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Guidelines for living a blameless life by David

What a wonderful Psalm for me today, day 15 with Professor Grant Horner’s ’10 Lists Bible Reading System’ . In 2013, a friend recommended Professor Horner’s system to me, he did again in 2014 and in 2016 I’m making a go of it … Continue reading

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