Living a transparent live

Last week, I went to a baptism service.  Before the baptism, each person gave their testimony.  There were many wonderful testimonies but one really spoke to me.

The person had been through a lot and had many experiences that helped her grow closer to God, but the one that touch me the most was about being transparent with your life.

Once this lady started being open about her life and trials, God really started working in her life and others lives, too.  She had more meaningful relationships, she got the support she needed.  She challenged everyone to do the same…being open about what God is doing in your life and where you struggle.  

Below are few paragraphs from Focus on the Family on this case.  It is worth reading the whole article.  Questions below are good, too.

Living Transparently by Focus on the Family 

Here are a few paragraphs, it’s worth a read of the article

“So what does God say about living a transparent lifestyle? In Proverbs 28:13 we read, “He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy (NIV).” And in James 5:16 we are exhorted to “confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective (NIV).”

It appears that living a transparent life does more than heal the sinner, it creates a revolution; proclaiming that our God is able to reconcile men to Himself through the death of His Son; and by the power of His resurrection set free the captives to live an authentic and fulfilling life.


Thomas believes it’s time for believers to wipe off the grease make-up and allow others to see that there’s a real human being underneath, with God-given gifts and fleshly struggles. Besides he says, “I have enough energy to be transformed or to cover up, but not both. It makes far more sense to work at changing than to work at covering something up.”

Are You Living in Transparency?

  • Are you able to be yourself no matter whom you are with?
  • Are you able to refrain from joining a group when they engage in events in which you don’t want to participate?
  • Are you honest about where you are in your spiritual walk?
  • Do you have a few friends with whom you can confide in about deep intimate issues?
  • Have you shared your goals and dreams with someone?
  • Can you laugh at yourself?
  • Can you own up to your mistakes, stating, “Yep, I blew it.”
  • Are you acknowledging your strengths by serving or working in an area in which you are gifted?”

About GettingCloserToOurGod

This blog is written by Todd Christenson. He was raised in Nebraska and currently lives on Long Island in New York. Though out my childhood, my family attended church. We prayed together at meals. I thought I was prepared for life. After college, I moved to New York City. Shy, unsure of myself, building an identity in worldly things, increasingly prideful, self-righteousness, a controlling nature. In 2013, God spoke through someone, suggesting I confess my sins. I did. I realized that every day, I’d been glorifying myself, not God. Today, God’s teaching me to have my identity in Him, only, my dependency in Him, not myself, being who He wants me to be, not the world, loving Him first, loving others as myself.
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